Welcome to FLOR, a small design studio where big graphic & website projects meet passion, creativity and dedication.

I am based in Monaco, in the Côte d’Azur, but my projects and experience reach many other countries such as France, Italy, Germany, Spain, Angola, Argentina, etc. and I am always happy to work on new creative challenges all over the world. I aim to create distinctive, fresh and contemporary designs for the best communication of your brand.

  • K-Yachts
  • K-584Yacht
  • YEYachting Expertise
  • CPNShipyard
  • Apollo to Apollo and Masters of Miniature Art projects
  • HayfieldA BFT brand
  • AlbatrosShip Chandling Monte Carlo
  • Apollo to ApolloWebsite
  • Groom HillAn international law firm in Monaco
  • NovaeEvents & Lifestyle Management
  • Hestia
  • NovaeEvents and Lifestyle Management
  • PlanSud Architects Studio in France
  • Personalized stationery setsQuality cards, envelopes, paper, etc.
  • My SushiRestaurants and kiosks in Monaco and France
  • Amadora Ristorante - Pizzeria (Ventimiglia, Italia)
  • Gala RusseStars of Russian Ballet and Opera in Monaco
  • ES-KO International Inc.New website
  • Fine Art Gallery of Russian MastersArt Catalogue
  • Consulat Honoraire du Honduras en Monaco
  • tóco d'azurReal Estate - Nice, France
  • SonemaHighly reliable communication services - Monaco
  • Verpeka Dolling YachtsMonaco
  • Hotel Sea GullVentimiglia (IM), Italy
  • Baires CafféCaffé - Aperobar - Ventimiglia
  • OG MarineYacht Consulting and Project Management
  • Blue Seas yacht brochureInternational Yacht Collection / for Marc Paris - Photographer
  • KARE InternationalProcurement agency & Oil and Gas solutions company in Monaco
  • Ebrex Cruise Services Full supply to all companies in the Cruise Industry
  • CCIEBar, Restaurant & Hotel Design
  • Swiss OceanServices for Explorer yachts and Expeditions
  • ES-KO InternationalIntegrated Logistical Support Services
  • OssobucoRestaurant in Spain
  • MargunairaBeach Restaurant in Italy
  • UNAkidsPrivate charity organisation supported by Unaoil Group
  • Iris ImmobilierReal Estate agency in Monte Carlo and Punta del Este
  • Bel Abri yacht brochurefor Marc Paris - Photographer
  • Ohana yacht brochurefor Marc Paris - Photographer
  • BFTBelardi Food Trading
  • EasyFoodFood Trading Company in Monaco
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